9 out of 10 People Killed in US Drone Strikes Were not Direct Targets of Global Crime Gang the US Government

These are the same drone strikes that John Key was telling us all just a few weeks ago are "precise and surgical" and New Zealand's (John Key's) support of illegal US military actions is justified because America are the good guys and they don't kill civilians like Russia. America bombed a civilian hospital that same day.

John Key has been successfully selling Americas illegal wars to the NZ public for a while now. These NEW REVELATIONS that we are supporting the mass murder of mostly (90%) innocent people in some US military campaigns should see support for John Key and the National Party surge upwards. It seems that whenever John Key gets caught out in a lie (every time he speaks lately) his popularity climbs. John Key, as a staunch supporter of this murderous US fascist regime has blood on his hands.

There has been an all out cover-up of the massive failure of US drone strikes which we can now all see were/are basically mass murder. It is beyond belief that this peaceful country would support heinous crimes like these but when you have a Wall Street criminal as your Prime Minister good becomes evil and evil becomes good.

I do not expect the lying corrupt shit heads in our media here to take on John Key over any of this. Instead expect to see loads of celebrity/sex/new flag bullshit being vomited out the radio and TV over the next few days by our mainstream media to prevent any real public debate or scrutiny of NZ's involvement in the travesty that is the war on terror.