The foreign buyout of New Zealand is about to ramp up

Winston Peters: New Zealand can no longer ban foreign ownership of our property, be it houses or land, now the government has agreed to the TPPA.
It was wrong of New Zealand politicians to bow to the demands of a global world order over property ownership, without any argument.

Part of New Zealand’s culture has been that we are a land of property owners large and small. As a property owning democracy even the most modest income earners could own a home.

But tens of thousands of Kiwis are struggling to get on the first rung of the home ownership or land ownership ladder. The last thing they need is competition from cashed up foreigners, or foreigners with access to cheap loans from overseas.

We challenge the government to hold a public meeting and explain to would-be home owners why they are so enthusiastic about allowing foreign buyers in.

Foreign investment is only a plus when it delivers real benefits. It should be on our terms, just as it is in so many other countries that put their people’s needs first.