The Labour Party Needs to Promise to Throw Out the TPPA After Winning the Next Election

Andrew Little needs to grow a set of balls and make it Labour Party policy to protect what is left of New Zealand's sovereignty by pulling this country out of the agreement.

What we know about the TPPA so far:
There will be new controls over State Owned Enterprise such as Kiwibank, TVNZ and Kiwirail. TPP countries must not cause "adverse effects" to one another's interests if providing "non-commercial assistance" to SOEs.

More land sales to foreigners without the current restrictions. The Overseas Investment Office will lose the power to block the sale of land valued at less than $200 million, to foreigners from other TPPA countries.

Overseas businesses, with the specific exception of tobacco companies, will be able to sue the Government for breaches of their rights under the agreement.