Economy Profits From File-Sharing, Report Concludes

Commissioned by the Dutch government, a recently published report concludes that file-sharing has a positive effect on the economy, both on the long and short term. A massive 30% of the Dutch population uses file-sharing software to download music, games, movies and other forms of entertainment, which is now considered to be a ‘good thing’.

The 142 page report looks into the economic and cultural consequences of file-sharing on the music, movie and games industries. The conclusions and recommendations seem to echo some of our previous writing. While most file-sharers download mainly copyrighted files without paying for them, the overall effect on the welfare of the economy is positive.

The report, which was commissioned by the government, estimates the positive effect on the Dutch economy to be around 100 million euros a year. While it is recognized that the entertainment industry suffers some losses, these don’t outweigh the positive effects of file-sharing.