Google Adsense Advertising Will No Longer Appear on This Website

I have closed my Google Adsense account and removed as much of Googles advertising code from this website as I can find. My reason for this is disgust at the current war Google is waging against alternative media on YouTube by de-monetising certain videos and also because of it's censorship of articles and websites on it's search engine. Google is also heavily involved in the Military-Industrial Complex and is therefore an enemy of humanity.

There was no transparency in the advertising process, advertisers have to trust Google that they are being honest about revenue generated by Google ads and there is no way of knowing or discovering if Google is accurately reporting and paying income earned through advertising.

Google is a cunt of a company and this blog will no longer be dealing with the devil through Google. The income it provided will not be missed and this website will continue happily without it. Go fuck yourself GOOGLE.