John Key is an Expert on Polls and Sets the Record Straight for all the Dumb People

A 3 News Reid Research poll released last night showed 25 per cent of people want to change the flag after seeing the four shortlisted options while almost 70 per cent said no. Six per cent did not know. John Key has dismissed the poll saying it was "not terribly sophisticated", "With the greatest respect, it's not a terribly sophisticated question because I could produce polls that look close enough to that, when it's a yes or no question,"

However he was much happier with another poll which showed National's support remains on 47 per cent - level with its 2014 election results saying "It's seven years on. If you look at that, I've had five Australian prime ministers, goodness knows how many Japanese ones, so to be at that level of support after seven years - and nine years of being leader of the party - is great,"

On 'Planet Key' all polls that favour the government are correct and any that do not are clearly flawed or just plain wrong.