All of That Beautiful Public Money Should be in Private Hands. YOUR TAXES

Our former Wall Street Bankster and economic hitman/Prime Minister John Key wants to privatise everything in New Zealand.
This current gang of thugs in government have been wilfully neglecting, undermining and dismantling core government funded and operated services so that when those serices have broken down, they (the corrupt National government) can offer the bogus solution to the manufactured chaos (being) the placement of private corporations in charge of those services.
In the eyes of the National Party all of that wonderful tax payer money should be funnelled into private hands through corporations taking over state run services. There is no better cash cow than taxes paid by an entire country and this government is determined to redirect it that way and away from things like the public health system. Safely into the hands of corporations like Serco.

More recent events: The Prime Minister (Corrupt Liar John Key) says significant change is needed in Child, Youth and Family (CYF), and he's not ruling out some of its responsibilities being shifted to the private sector.