Taking the #TPPAWalkAway message to Parliament steps

Concerned Wellingtonians will be taking the #TPPAWalkAway message to the steps of Parliament tomorrow in the first of two major TPPA rallies in the nation’s capital, according to It’s Our Future Spokesperson Edward Miller.

The rally will feature speeches from NZ First MP Fletcher Tabuteau, Labour MP David Parker, Green MP Dr Russel Norman and a representative from the Maori Party, with a few other special guests.

A petition of New Zealanders opposed to the TPPA will also be presented to the Government.

“New Zealanders have been telling their elected leaders for years that they don’t like secret deals that trade away their sovereignty”, said Edward Miller. “Now we are heading to parliament on a sitting day to make sure that message is understood.”

“With growing opposition both here and overseas, a breakdown in international talks and an increasingly tight timetable for completion, the chances of a good deal are diminishing.”

“Now is the time for the NZ Government to start listening to the people of this country and walk away from the TPPA negotiations.”

WHAT: Rally to stop the TPPA.

WHERE: Parliament steps.

WHEN: 12pm on Wednesday 12 August.