US, EU investors ask Big Pharma to release all drug trial results, including failures

A group of UK and US investors holding more than €3.5 trillion (£2.5 trillion, $3.8 trillion) in assets are asking the pharmaceutical companies they invest in to make all the results of drug trials they conduct public. The site reports that 85 pension funds and asset managers support its aims of requiring pharma companies to set out their plans to have past, present, and future clinical trials registered and their results reported.

The campaign hopes to compel drug companies to release all their clinical trial results, irrespective of whether they succeeded or not, to allow independent researchers to verify results and fine-tune treatments in order to improve health and lower treatment costs. Uncovering deliberate fraud is another key aim. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal on the latest announcement: "fines paid by 21 drug makers for marketing malfeasance between 2007 and mid-2015 was $40 billion