New Zealand Over-Run by Government Corruption 2015

The pirates in charge of the country right now are like sharks in a feeding frenzy and the water is full of blood. So much is happening to the detriment of our society right now and it is all happening from the top down. I cannot keep abreast of it all, it is currently like a tidal wave swamping society. Trying to document or link to all of the information about everything that is happening currently is all but impossible.

The good news is that the place is nearly so completely gutted and on the verge of breaking that even the most staunchly blind muggles will soon be reaching for the pitch fork in the tool shed and marching on the gang of psychopaths they voted in.

It should never have happened but the pirates in charge have a bottomless bag of money to use to fuck us all and as a nation we blindly voted them in and gave them the time they needed to rob us.