Radio Advertisement Encouraging Foreign Investment In NZ - FULL AUDIO & TRANSCRIPT

Singapore's 90.5 Gold plays this advertisement that encourages investment into NZ - for bargain basement rates that others cannot access. What do YOU think Kiwis?

"How would you like people in NZ to give you around half their weekly wages ... ?

Now if you happen to own an Apartment in Auckland NZ, the high rent returns, other peoples money, around half a weeks pay for most people could be paid to you as rent every week

Now many people invest in Auckland because of the high demand for rents. There's no land tax, no stamp duty and within NZ generally no Capital Gains tax either ... it's an investors dream and very affordable!

New Apartments in Central Auckland can be purchased for as little as $390,000 - that's right $390,000! And with as little as $2000 initial deposit you can secure one today for yourself as an investment

If the idea of having people in NZ going to work for you, giving you hundreds of dollars a week and paying for your apartment appeals to you - and I'm sure it does - then call 62380881 to find out how it's done. That number again 62380881 - CALL NOW!"