Whooping Cough Outbreak at California School Among Vaccinated Shows Vaccine Failure

KSBW in Salinas California is reporting this month (March 2015) that four fully vaccinated students at Monterey Park School have been diagnosed with pertussis, or whooping cough. KSBW reports that of the 524 students at Monterey Park, 99.5 percent are vaccinated, including the four students who have been diagnosed with whooping cough.

This is not too surprising since it has been well-documented that the current pertussis vaccine is a failure, and that a new pertussis vaccine is being developed to replace it.

So how did KSBW handle this story? What warnings did they give to concerned parents? Did they warn their readers about an FDA study conducted on the pertussis vaccine in 2013 clearly showing that cases of whopping cough were increasing among a highly vaccinated public, and that this study showed that vaccinated baboons still carried around whooping cough in their throats, spreading it to others?
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