Organised Crime Gang the NZ Police Have Caused a Severe Weed Shortage

New Zealand's most feared crime gang the NZ Police have been spending less time covering up crimes of the elite, raping woman and molesting teenage girls lately and more time going after sacred medicinal plants. The result being a major shortage of the safe medicinal plant cannabis being available. The current corrupt National government lead by the corrupt liar John Key has ramped up the failed drug war significantly in the last 6 years.

New Zealand is suffering its worst weed drought in recent history, and so far pot-starved kiwis have no one to point the finger at. The current shortage began at the start of the year, with parts of the South Island and upper North Island seemingly affected the worst. One grower from South Island's east coast Waimate district told media earlier this month it's the most severe shortage they had seen in 15 years, and that it was a "nightmare for consumers," who were struggling to buy weed at any price.

Though no one seems to understand why there's no weed in these parts of New Zealand, but many suspect that police seizures are behind the shortage. However, there have been no publicly reported busts in the last few months, with the exception of a haul worth an estimated NZ $300,000 [US $225,000] that came about just last week and resulted in 15 arrests and over 2,000 plants being uprooted. News of more marijuana being seized can only have local smokers shaking their heads.