Andrew Little is a Pussy

John Key would NEVER stand down a minister for a clear conflict of interest in the face of allegations connected directly or indirectly to them. Today however Labour leader Andrew Little has stood down his welfare spokeswoman Carmel Sepuloni after her mother was accused of benefit fraud.

John Key would stand there and tell everyone that he was completely at ease about the situation and no he did not know anything about anything, he is sure it is all just a conspiracy theory by left wing screamers and YES he is absolutely sure that the person in question is squeaky clean and everything is JUST FINE.

This style of leadership has been highly successful for John Key even though the number of his ministers that have ultimately been fired for all kinds of wrong doing has steadily increased over his tenure as PM.

Andrew Little should take a leaf out of Johns play book and learn to lie through his teeth directly down the camera or mic with a deadpan face and not just stand people down because there MAY be some crime or wrong doing connected to them in some way.

New Zealand does not like that type of politics and if Andrew Little does not learn quick how to be crooked like Key then he stands no chance in the game.