ISIS Japanese Beheading Video Demonstrably Fake

Just don't expect the mainstream media to be honest about this though, they will continue to use this fake rubbish to project fear on all of the ignorant fearful majority as our corrupt leaders push this ISIS war bullshit.
News everywhere is swamped with the latest on ISIS reportedly threatening to behead two Japanese hostages unless the nation pays a $200 million ransom.

But wait. What’s up with this image the mainstream media is sporting everywhere?

Notice anything there in regards to the direction of the sunlight and the supposedly resultant shadow on the hostages’ faces?

Picture of Japanese hostages on NYTimes is obviously a fake or composite. Look at the shadow directions #vfx101 #isis — Lee Towndrow (@leetowndrow) January 20, 2015

Japanese Hostage video by ISIS is fake. The angle of the shadow is unnatural. IS demands $200m ransom for hostages. — たくや (@takuya20140714) January 20, 2015

That #ISIS picture with the 2 Japanese in it looks FAKE… — Eagle Eye (@jurydube) January 20, 2015

Homeless Japanese Cross Dresser Held Hostage by #ISIS (aka CIA / Mossad) #FalseFlag #Hoax #Fake — Mannard Mann (@Mannard74) January 20, 2015