25 Years of Pharmaceutical Devastation Reversed by Cannabis

Twenty-five years ago, Debbie Wilson was struck down in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant by a clueless driver in a pick-up truck. Upon impact, she was knocked to the ground head first and then as if to “finish it off” the driver inadvertently backed up over her.

This was the beginning of Debbie’s long, painful journey into unbearable despair and helplessness. Initially, she struggled with common traumatic brain injury symptoms like: forgetfulness, migraines, nightmares, time distortion, depression, paranoia, anxiety and balancing problems. Slowly her suffering morphed into a catalog of ills including: PTSD, seizures, Alzheimer’s, chronic depression, anxiety and type 2 diabetes. A cocktail of pharmaceuticals proved ineffective and caused numerous deleterious side effects including damage to her intestines and other organs.
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