NZ Minister Of Health is Scientifically Illiterate and Uninterested in Solving Drug Problem

Our new Health Minister in New Zealand Jonathan Coleman has made it clear that he will continue down the failed path of treating drug use as a criminal issue rather than a health issue. This should come as no surprise really that we have yet another ignorant spineless git in a position where he could end the failed drug war in NZ yet who refuses to acknowledge the overwhelming science and research that firmly makes his position on the matter completely and utterly wrong.

We cannot expect meaningful change to drug laws in NZ under this current corrupt government. The National Party cares not about how some drugs that are currently illegal could be used to save lives, or that criminal gangs continue to make obscene profits from the illegality of drugs such as cannabis that should be government regulated and taxed and should be being used to treat cancer patients and epilepsy victims or psilocybin that could be used to cure depression or MDMA that could be being used to treat PTSD.

As the rest of the world moves towards sensible drug policies that reduce harm. the National Party under the leadership of corrupt liar John Key has been steadily ramping up the drug war in NZ even banning the sale of pipes and vaporisers (which reduce harm) used for smoking cannabis and finding more ways in which to criminalise harmless pot smokers.

Our hypocrite health minister even admits to having smoked cannabis himself. What a douche.