Corrupt Liar John Key Should Resign From the Office of Prime Minister

The fallout from the damning revelations contained in Nicky Hager's book "Dirty Politics" continues as does the ongoing spin, deflection and outright lying from our Prime Minister John Key.

All corners of the media in New Zealand are now taking aim at the embattled National Party leader as he ducks and dives under a barrage of questioning about his involvement in smear campaigns and the use of classified spy agency documents for political gain. New Zealand has not witnessed politics this filthy since the Robert Muldoon era.

John Key oozes arrogance and smugness and clearly considers himself completely unaccountable to the people of New Zealand. He refuses to give straight answers to any questions about his obvious involvement in political smear campaigns, corruption and abuse of power.

Here is a list of links from around the media and blogs from the last day or so which paint an increasingly grim picture of John Key and his brand of politics.

The Key administration has plumbed new depths of arrogance and contempt for the notion of politicians being accountable for their actions:

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It appears John Key Has Lied:

Andrew Little: PM should accept it's 'game over':

Creeping arrogance and deceit is no way to run the country:

While this shitstorm rages, John Key's National government is busy ramming through new legislation under urgency to expand surveillance powers:
The scandal involving the Office of the Prime Minister and the SIS is reason enough to be very worried about future abuses of power, particularly while John Key and his gang are still in government.

It is going to be very interesting to watch how all of this plays out over the next few days and likely weeks. John Key desperately needs something drastic to happen that will quickly distract the media and public from this political disaster he and his government are facing.

In the meantime here is a video of John Key dodging questions about Dirty Politics just after the book was released.