Unconditional Basic Income – An Economic Model for a New Renaissance

How can we solve poverty and boost the economy without causing massive environmental damage?

Here’s how. It’s called a Unconditional Basic Income (UBI).

The fundamental challenge today is that we need redefine the value of work. We need to stop relying on corporations to create jobs. That’s not what they do. They exist solely to create profit. They do this by lowering wages and/or decreasing the number of workers (jobs) required to get that profit. Yet both left and right leaning governments continue to try to induce corporates (through tax breaks and other programs) into creating jobs and/or raising wages.

But corporations don’t create jobs or raise wages. This is a misguided ideology. Instead, corporations take this ‘corporate welfare’ and hoard the profits in offshore tax havens, getting richer while the country (and others like it) goes deeper and deeper into debt. This ideology has never worked, and it never will.
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