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12-Year Old Child Reveals One Of The Best Kept Secrets In The World:

It’s a truly incredible time we live in. Think back to all the amazing revolutions we’ve learned about in history. There’s been some amazing changes that have taken place and the implications of people standing up and doing something different has been huge. After all it led us to where we are today. As destructive and close to extinction as we are, we’ve done some amazing things at the same time and the power of human creativity and love has shown itself.

To hear a young girl speak about facts of our world like Victoria does in the video below is amazing. It not only shows that younger generations simply won’t stand for the current world we live in, but that we can look to people other than the so-called “experts” for creative answers to our current challenges.

Victoria speaks about how our world financial system really works and how it was specifically designed to enslave the population.

Comedians on Psychedelics:

The Dutch "Iceman" Confounding Medical Science