Captain Useless is the New Labour Party Leader

Following on from one of the most disastrous election defeats in recent times and the forced resignation of David Cunnliffe as leader of the NZ Labour Party, Labour embarked on another of it's ridiculous leadership election campaigns to vote in a new party leader.

The result is Andrew Little, an unpopular nobody who single handedly evaporated the Labour vote in his electorate of New Plymouth last election is now leader. He is unpopular amongst his caucus and only made it across the line because of his strong union affiliations (unions have a large voting block in the silly leadership elections).

He was formerly party president of Labour as the National Party consolidated it's grip on government from 2009-2011 and he championed a proposed law change to reverse the burden of proof in rape cases, so that any man charged with rape is guilty until proven innocent.

The corrupt liar Prime Minister John Key has stated that he sees Andrew Little as a real threat in opposition, meaning he is stoked that such an unpopular and ineffective nobody is now his main foe. Had there been a strong leader elected John would be telling us all how unworried and relaxed he is about it all.

I give it 14 months before Little gets knifed to political death in the back and rolled by his party and we all get to watch another Labour leadership election circus featuring a class act clown show.