The Three Greatest Terrorist Attacks In New Zealand History

With the corrupt National Party government led by the liar John Key about to ramp up anti-terrorism laws under urgency through parliament following the upgrading of our terror threat level, now would be a good time to make a short list of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of New Zealand and ask who was behind them, so we can get some idea of who poses the greatest terrorist threat to our country.


1) Rainbow Warrior bombing: Perhaps the best known attack in New Zealand was the sinking of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior by the French foreign intelligence service, the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE), in 1985.
The Frogs were not happy about Greenpeace protesting against their nuclear testing with the Rainbow Warrior boat, so the bastards blew it up killing one person, Fernando Pereira, who was drowned when he returned to the vessel to retrieve his cameras, just before it sank.

2) Wellington Trades Hall bombing: On 27 March 1984, a suitcase bomb was left in the foyer of the Trades Hall in Wellington, most likely by a right wing political supporter. The Trades Hall was the headquarters of a number of trade unions who are the National Party's most hated organisations and groups just ahead of poor people. The building's caretaker, was killed when he attempted to move the suitcase, which is believed to have contained three sticks of gelignite triggered by a mercury switch.

3) Wanganui Computer Centre bombing: On 18 November 1982, a suicide bomb attack was made against a facility housing the main computer system of the New Zealand Police, Courts, Ministry of Transport and other law enforcement agencies, in Wanganui. The attacker, a "punk rock" anarchist named Neil Roberts, was the only person killed, and the computer system was undamaged.

So after examining this list carefully we can clearly see who the greatest terrorist threats are to this fine country. Top of the list obviously is the French. All French people living in or visiting New Zealand should be immediately rounded up and jailed before they commit any more attacks now that we are living under elevated terrorism threat levels.

Secondly we should immediately round up all right wing political supporters, especially Act Party and National Party supporters. They are very obviously extremists and there is some history of bombings and even arson by this type of person. Right Winger's torched the first Social Welfare building in 1939 burning down neighbouring houses and causing the equivilent of $10,000,000 worth of damage in todays money.

Finally there is the threat from Punk Rockers. Another extremist group with a history of suicide bombing in New Zealand. We should immediately round up all the punks and lock them up with the French and right winger's.

These steps look to me to be obvious measures that need to be taken now we are at greater threat of terrorism because the government has raised the terrorism threat levels. In New Zealand's reasonably long history of terrorist attacks it has become obvious with the help of hindsight who the real terrorist threats are.