Police review complaint against Whaleoil blogger

So Cameron Slater obtained a hard drive and documents that appear very much to have been stolen, and Slater then used these stolen files to publicly trash another person through his blog, who was involved in a private dispute, none of it being in the publics interest at all. Yet the Police have done nothing for 2 whole years after recieving a complaint about the theft.

Fast forward to now and this scumbag Slater makes a complaint to the pigs about his computer being hacked and the pigs are all over it in record time, raiding a journalist's house and confiscating computers and electronics.

You do not need to be a genius to see that there is political interference going on behind the scenes here. Cameron Slater is very very close with the top folks in the corrupt National government. The Police should have raided Slater's house well over a year ago after recieving the complaint about the stolen hard drive, but they did not, because Slater is best buddies with the National Party leadership. Nicky Hager on the other hand, being an enemy journalist of the corrupt National government (and any government that plays dirty) has been targetted quickly by the cops in a stasi like raid on his home which was no doubt calculated to send a message to other journalist's about what may happen if you become a political enemy of the National Party.
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