Liar John Key Spinning Bullshit About Possible ISIS/IS Threat to New Zealand Because of Rising Middle East Tensions.

NZ reassesses IS threat risk:
PM says that if US asks for help, he can’t rule out sending troops to Iraq or Syria:

Well John you lying traitor, I have some advice for you. Stop cozying up to the criminal gang that is running America, keep NZ out of other peoples wars for oil and global dominance and keep your hooked nose and our country right out of the Middle East, stop supporting these criminals through “intelligence gathering” AKA aiding and abetting murder and theft and we wont be a target. Those poor people in the Mid East hate the West, nay America and Britain mainly, because of hundreds of years of murder, war, plunder and unwelcome meddling in the affairs of Arab countries by the West.

They do not hate the West because of our freedoms or any other dumb bullshit crap reasons our leaders can make up, they hate the West for invasion after invasion, coups and grand theft of resources amoung many other crimes committed by Western intelligence agencies and governments at the behest of the Rothschild/Rockefeller crime families and their interests and Wall Street.

BTW: Top NSA Whistleblower: We Need a New 9/11 Investigation

Our Prime Minister is selling this country out from underneath us and aligning us with the worst criminal organisations on the face of the planet. Most people in New Zealand are just far to ignorant and dumb to see and understand this.

Any Prime Minister of this country who seeks closer ties with or involvement in illegal wars with these criminal thugs is a criminal thug him/herself.

The TPPA is a treaty that will attack our sovereignty and is being championed by America as part of their New World Order, or push for global governance. It is a direct assault on our nation and it must be fought every step of the way by the people.

It is only a matter of time and very soon that we will experience the type of “false flag operations” that have been happening in America and Europe in the last 10-20 years here in New Zealand. A fake terrorist attack, or a big “counter-terrorism” operation where a bunch of middle eastern men or other patsies who were unwittingly being manipulated by an intelligence agency to become terrorists and then miraculously stopped at the last moment because of our “wonderfully effective surveillance network”. That is how these criminals in power operate. The majority of the public falls for it every time. It will be used to terrify the unwitting public into giving up their freedom and right to privacy for protection from the enemies the CIA created.

The recent terror raids in Australia were perfectly timed to be executed just before our election, a godsend for the traitor John Key and they no doubt helped him win the last election. The Australian government was very active in interferring in our democratic process last election. They are now ramming through draconian “anti-terror” legislation themselves. The New World Order conspiracy has hit top gear. The beast is no longer at the door of Australia and New Zealand, it has smashed it down and marched on in. Traitor John Key and Traitor Tony Abbott are the scumbags tasked with the job of railroading Australia and New Zealand into the New World Order. They are doing it through lies and deception while the public sleeps.

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