Anglers advised not to eat trout in 1080 areas

With the fishing season opening in just a few days (1 October 2014), anglers are being warned by the Department of Conservation (DOC) not to eat trout from pristine backcountry waters and their downstream catchments, where the department is conducting 1080 poisoning operations.

In response to publicly expressed concerns by the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers, and supported by Fish & Game New Zealand, DOC commissioned research by the independent Cawthron Research Institute on the risks of mice carrying sub-lethal levels of 1080, and which are routinely consumed by trout, becoming a food safety risk for humans.

Chief executive of Fish & Game New Zealand, Bryce Johnson says "The results indicate that, 1080 levels in trout flesh were significantly in excess of recognised Food Safety guidelines (FSA), for safe human health and DOC is now having to advise anglers not to eat trout caught in 1080 poisoned catchments, until advised otherwise."