TrueCrypt may live on after all as CipherShed

The developers of TrueCrypt made the decision to retire the encryption software a couple of months ago. The reason given by them was that TrueCrypt was no longer secure and that users should move to other encryption products instead.

No further information were given at that point in time and rumors began to spread. This included forced cooperation with America's NSA, severe security bugs that the developers found in the software and rumors that the security audit of it was going less than well.

It is several months later now and things have not changed since. The second part of the audit, the crypto-analysis is currently underway and results will be published to the public once it completes.

TrueCrypt development has stopped however and while there is still a chance that one or multiple of the original developers will start to work on the project again at a later point in time, it seems unlikely that this is going to happen anytime soon.

A project that gained some traction recently is CipherShed. It is a fork of the discontinued TrueCrypt project which means that it is based on the same code