3 More Years of John Key and National

Election 2014 is over. The National Party have stormed home with a clear majority. Half of New Zealand's voters voted to keep the government we have had for the last 6 years. The opposition to them has been crushed. The old New Zealand is history. This country has changed and the biggest changes yet to happen will be passed unoppossed over the next three years. Nobody is standing in the way of the government now.

People are saying the election was rigged, there is utter disbelief that so many support this government. Rigged how? I cannot see the votes being deliberately misscounted to hand National a win. This election was heavily manipulated by the media. The mainstream media was and is a right wing pro National propaganda machine.

The media is no longer there to help our democracy function in a healthy way by informing and educating the public on the issues and policies of our political parties and members of parliament. As a result, the population has become more and more politically illiterate. As a society, we have voted on the side of greed and selfishness. A fair society is fine "as long as my money is not used to make it happen" is apparently the general mindset out there now.

The NZ of old was a society that made real effort to look after all of it's members, from the top to the bottom. The new NZ believes that the more successful the people are at the top, the more it will trickle down to those at the bottom. Great theory. Absolute bullshit.

Those of us who lean left politically and believe in redistributing wealth throughout society rather than allowing a few to make utterly obscene amounts of money for themselves while public services are slashed or sold to give tax cuts to the rich will be in a state of shock after Saturday night. 3 more years of watching our country get carved up and sold off to the highest bidder, Goldman Sachs will be rubbing their grubby hands with glee, their man is back in power and he has all the power now.

The welfare system, the most hated and despised state department of every National Party government and most rich and wealthy people, has already been subject to the greatest fundamental restructuring and cut backs it has ever seen. They now need security guards on every WINZ office door across the country to protect the staff inside from the anger of desperate poor people who have been slammed into the wall by this government.

Expect the next 3 years to to bring deeper cuts and harsher controls and treatment of the infirm, unemployed and vulnerable. Expect the government to bring in payment cards for all welfare recipients in the next year or 3, to remove the freedom of choice from beneficiaries about how and where they will spend the money paid via their benefits. This government loves being big brother.

Those of us hoping to see the end of the war on drugs and the introduction of progressive and sensible drug policy will instead see the failed drug war ramped up against the public over the next 3 years. This government want's to protect the interests and profits of multinational pharmacuetical companies. Threats to their profits from medicinal drugs like cannabis and psilocybin need to be contained.

The Resource Management Act will be dismantled allowing land developers greater freedoms to carve up the countryside to build stuff on to sell to wealthy foreigners.

The TPPA, or Trans Pacific Partnership will be signed on our behalf unoppossed under a 3rd term National government. This is a very high priority for John Key and National. The backbone of the opposition has been broken this election. Nobody stands in the way of this government now.

Expect to see the rights of humble wage earners to be further eroded. Remember the National government wanted to remove the law protecting the rights of workers to take breaks throughout their day at work. This was narrowly defeated last term. National can now pass that change unoppossed.

The country as a whole has failed to understand what John Key and his National Party really stand for and what their plan for NZ actually is. Without a proper media to inform us all about what is happening and what the government is doing, this situation will continue and worsen.

Those of us who oppose these plans and ideologies of corporatisation and privatisation of our essential services and publically owned assets can only look on in horror and disbelief over the next 3 years as the country we grew up in is dismantled and replaced by a society that is owned and controlled by the wealthy, for the benefit of the wealthy to the detriment of those who have little to nothing. We can expect to be targetted and attacked for our non compliance as this happens as well.

If you are one of those people who see this election result as your worst possible political nightmare you might want to begin bracing yourself now for the very likely possibility that National will get a fourth term in government in 3 years time. Such is the level of ignorance and apathy out there. It is going to take something extraordinary to shift the political landscape from here. Sadly there is a tsunami of distraction available to the voting public these days. They wont be waking up any time soon.