NSA Base Auckland New Zealand?

John Minto: When Edward Snowden told us on Monday night that the NSA had a facility in Auckland this is the most likely site. It's on the corner of Akoranga Drive and Northcote Road on the North Shore where the Southern Cross cable (which carries 80% of New Zealand's internet traffic) comes ashore (from Takapuna beach). Snowden talked about NSA probes around the world which feed the mass surveillance X-Keyscore programme and this very high security site is the logical place for the Auckland probe.
It's worth noting that in 2010 Wikileaks published a cable written by Hilary Clinton when she was US Secretary of State which listed 300 foreign sites of critical to US security. In New Zealand only two sites were listed: "Southern Cross undersea cable landing, Whenuapai, New Zealand Southern Cross undersea cable landing, Takapuna."
We need to close down NSA links to New Zealand because it works in US military, diplomatic and security interests - not New Zealand's.