Live Stream of Glenn Greenwald and Kim Dotcom at Tonight's "Moment of Truth" Event at Auckland's Town Hall

John Key has been throwing around a string of personal insults aimed at Mr Greenwald in a childish "schoolyard bully" fashion. I would not normally expect to hear my Prime Minister calling a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist (who is hugely respected around the whole world) an idiot, loser and little henchman but this is what our PM is giving us in response to allegations of mass spying on New Zealanders. John Key also said this morning: "Dotcom is trying to save Dotcom's butt, and it is a relatively large one, so he's brought in three little butts to try and save his butt." Nice one Prime Minister, make fun of a persons weight problem. What a f*cking C*nt you are John. A real piece of work.

John Key obviously desperately want's to turn people away from seeing and hearing what Mr Greenwald has to tell us all about spying in New Zealand. This makes me want to see it all for myself tonight and we all can because the whole event is being live streamed from here: from 7pm tonight NZ time.

Glenn Greenwald on RadioNZ this morning:

Glenn Greenwald on PM John Keys behavior in the last 24 hours: "I've done reporting of surveillance all over the world and a lot of governments haven't liked what I've said, but I've never seen a head of government lose their dignity and get down in the mud and start chucking names to discredit the journalist in order to discredit the journalism."

Live Streams
The event will be streamed via: