Facebook is Now Censoring "Private" Messages

Those of us who have been paying attention to the dangers of Facebook surveillance are well aware that anything that is posted there can be used against you if law enforcement agencies request access to your account. This includes your so called private messages to friends and contacts.

Recently the website www.PreventDisease.com posted a message to all it's Facebook followers stating

It has come to our attention that after a review of our facebook account (and some audience feedback) that facebook has deleted hundreds of our posts. This is not about posts not appearing on timelines. They are actually gone...deleted. And they are no longer visible on our timeline nor will they be on yours. Facebook has also blocked and banned one of our administrator's accounts for no apparent reason even after we have attempted to gain clarification on the ban. They will not respond.

So not only is facebook restricting our posts to a fraction of our audience, but they are actually deleting our posts directly from our page. Many of our posts have also been reported to mysteriously have the "share" option removed. Some people have also received the spam message in the image attached to this post....."

Last night I sent a "private" message to a friend that contained a video link I found on reddit that was not appropriate for posting openly on Facebook and Facebook instantly blocked the messsage and issued me a warning telling me I was not allowed to "privately" message that link to a friend.

Then again this evening I went to send a link to a peer blocking list to protect a Torrent client from bad peers and again my "private" message to a friend was instantly blocked and another warning was issued!

So now Facebook is actively monitoring and censoring "private" messages between friends and blocking links and content they don't like, even if it is not being posted publicly on the website!

Think very carefully about what you do and don't send by way of "private" messages if you are using Facebook, they are monitoring it all in real time and actively stopping certain information from being shared.