Al Gore: Global Warming Claims Losing Steam

Al Gore, the poster-boy for global warming, has taken some flak lately for the $500 million dollar sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera. Now that Gore and his business partners are suing Al Jazeera for allegedly withholding funds from the sale, the media is questioning why Gore would even consider taking such a large sum of money from a company that is owned by the oil-rich Qatar royal family when he has accused Big Oil of contributing to his pet cause, global warming.

SF Gate calls the lawsuit “The height of hypocrisy” since Gore doesn’t seem to mind pocketing the Middle Eastern oil money while continuing to push his global warming agenda. Gore’s doomsday claims, however, are losing steam as a growing number of scientists are stepping forward with evidence to support that Gore’s climate change claims might really be the money making scheme many have accused them of being.