Did John Key's Staff Attempt to Smear The Reputation of a Rape Complainant?

Rumours are circulating that new information is soon to be made public that this did indeed happen. Someone claiming to be the hacker who supplied Nicky Hager with the emails that formed the basis of his book "Dirty Politics" has today dumped screenshots of some of those emails. It looks like even more damaging information will be coming out in public over the next few days and probably weeks.

This is a disaster for the John Key lead National government. It is probable that the release of further information will happen in dumps timed with National's election policy releases to disrupt and divert attention away from their campaign and keep the focus on this scandal. Unfortunately for National it looks like they are fucked. John Key is floundering in his desperate attempts to brush of all the dirt that has landed on him. You need more than a brush when a truckload of shit dumps on top of you though. Someone please give John a spade.