Mt. Gox founder raises unconventional $3 million ‘investment’ for his all-star bitcoin startup

Stellar is more than just an online exchange that lets users send money in one currency only to be received on the other end in another currency. It’s also the name of a new cryptocurrency that was seeded with 100 billion “stellars” before the launch and grows at a rate of 1 percent per year. In order to make this whole elaborate operation work, the company is actually a not-for-profit organization whose full name is the Stellar Development Foundation.

According to the Stripe post, the $3 million transaction was actually completed “a couple months ago” in exchange for 2 percent of a the stellars in existence. The Verge called the deal an “investment,” Stripe said it “contributed” the funds, and Stellar called it a “loan” that they repaid with the currency they invented. Interesting, to say the least.