TV3's 3rd Degree Show Invents a Completely Bullshit Story About Gangs in NZ

Despite what was on TV this week, there is no gang merger proposed between the Mongrel Mob and Black Power. There is no plan for a ‘super gang’. What was on 3rd Degree was not a story being reported but one being created.

Calling talks between rival gang members who are trying to bring an end to senseless conflicts – talks that have been occurring for years – a ‘merger’ and the creation of a ‘super gang’ means 3rd Degree have either been led up the garden path, are ignorant of reality, or they are deliberately misleading viewers for the sake of provocation. And given some of the reporting in the programme, the latter is my guess.

At one point it was mooted that this ‘merger’ (which doesn’t exist) was a “carefully manufactured PR stunt” in the wake of the Mallory Manning murder. That would indicate the gangs contacted the media. No. The media contacted them. And initially they had no story idea they just wanted the gangs. I know because the media contacted me first.