Reel Bad Arabs - (Jewish) Hollywood Brainwashing Exposed - How the movie industry villifies an entire people

In the early days of silent movies, and even continuing into the era of "talkies", the Hollywood Movie industry made what can only be classified as propaganda movies against African-American people. Yes Boss, no Boss, good idea Boss - that kind of "Negro" was commonplace in early movies. This theme has continued with Arabs and Muslims. The question must now be: WHY ?

For example, if a movie was made that showed Israelis or Jews, or Caucasian/White people as dangerous, subvertive, sneaky, ready to snatch your daughter and wife away, threatening, lazy, untrustworthy etc etc - that would, rightly, be called racist and hateful, yes ? So how come it is ok when it is an Arab/Muslim portrayed as a terrorist in movies ? And why is it only Muslims who are portrayed as Terrorists ? If you happen to believe that only Muslims are capapble of killing people, you should Google for "Irgun" or "Stern Gang" and learn a little about how the so-called state of "Israel" came into existence through bombings, murders, kidnappings, execution, terrorism, slaughter and betrayal.

There is nothing anti-Semitic about that statement. The reason it is not an anti-Semitic statement is because modern "Israelis" are not Semitic people - they come from Khazar tribes, which are historically linked to the Russian Steppes and Georgia. Not Georgia, Alabama, but Georgia in Eastern Europe - therefore they (Khazars/Ashkenazis) are NOT Semites, and have no legitimate claim to the land of Jerusalem and Palestine.

For the record, I would like to add that there have been a few propaganda movies regarding Jews over the years. However, this pales in comparison when measured against the tidal wave of Hollywood movies that portray Arabs and Muslims as evil or as terrorists or as cold-blooded killers. Yet if i make the claim that "Hollywood is owned and run by European Jews" - i will instantly be called anti-Semitic or racist or some such accusation. This is, in effect, a tool used by said Jews to silence people questioning their motives and agenda. If the anti-Semitic accusation doesn't stick, they then move onto their second default position, which is to mention the Holocaust of World War Two. I personally wasn't alive then, and i have no German blood whatsoever in me, so....