Israeli settler climbs onto his Palestinian neighbor's roof to remove a flag, gets tangled in barbed wire and then the IDF soldiers arrive

A Redditor points out: So this guy is obviously a newcomer to the region from Russia and he has the chutzpa to tell the locals that it is his land and that they should not fly their flag, and he thinks that he can just enter their home and take it down.

Colonial creep, obviously insane like the rest of the Hebron settlers. Truly a credit to the Zionist project.

What is even more amazing is that he got the backing of the local IDF commander and soldiers who instead of telling this creep off and apologizing to the Hebronite in whose home he was trespassing, had the audacity to threaten the home owner with arrest if he did not do as this piece of shit commanded.

Yet another shameful incident in the Israeli imposed la-la land, where the insane run the show and the IDF do their bidding. Disgusting.

The Israelis promised an investigation. I bet that the only reason there might be one is because it was caught on camera.