The NSA and GCHQ are guilty of not only stealing personal, private photos, but in this invasive practice more than likely viewing and distributing child pornography

GCHQ slide on joint NSA/GCHQ private webcam theft of millions of families: "The proportion of [nude photos captured] is 4-7% with a Confidence Interval of 95%".

Guardian article:

cites GCHQ using a 3-11% figure, with photos taken every five minutes for innocent victims' webcams, although they note the capacity for increased rates.

This is a very large number of stolen explicit images.

Siphoning these images to GCHQ, then to NSA, then back to GCHQ, as well as amongst these two agencies constitutes "distribution".

Some significant multiple of 126,000 pornographic images ((x)(0.07)1.8m), times however many months/years these agencies was illegally harvesting pornographic images, are of minors. It's reasonably safe to say hormone-drunk teens might engage in exhibitory behavior amongst themselves at rates higher than this 7% average, but let's be conservative.

NSA & GCHQ has engaged in a months- or years-long effort in the international distribution of child pornography involving tens of thousands of violations. They've done so even after becoming aware they were engaging in this illegal activity. These documents give no indication these agencies launched efforts to mitigate or isolate minors' explicit photos, or even flag them before storing them on their systems then distributing them internally.

Many, many individuals have gone to jail for far longer, for much smaller violations.

Is there any way to force national/international child pornography enforcement entities into launching a criminal investigation?