Litigation now happening in the USA on fluoride harm

From Dan Stockin in the USA: I am excited to send very important legal news that can be forwarded to water agencies, the media, and legislators across the U.S. and in other countries. This is big.

The highly respected attorney firm Public Justice, based in Washington D.C. and with 3,000 affiliated attorneys, is now involved in the issue of dental fluorosis fluoride harm. Public Justice has signed on to help present arguments in a precedent-setting fluorosis legal case. See the Public Justice description of the case here: The firm is providing expertise to stop an attempt to wrongly use federal laws to preempt state legal actions on fluoride harm.

For decades, promoters of use of fluorides have dodged being placed under oath to directly and specifically answer the unanswerable questions about fluoride harm. They have not faced the real possibility of answering attorneys or investigators, or meeting persons with documented harm from fluorides, in courtrooms or in public hearings. The unfolding Fluoridegate scandal and growing interest in the fluoride issue by law firms are bringing this closer to happening.

Involvement by such a highly visible and respected firm again proves that gone are the days when fluoride advocates could claim no one of stature would question use and promotion of fluorides.

To learn more about Public Justice, see Public Justice attorneys Leah Nicholls and Leslie Brueckner are aiding the pioneering fluoride litigation law firms of Nidel Law and Paulson and Nace in the case. See this website:

I believe this information will be of great interest to TV and newspaper outlets, investigative reporters, legislators, water agencies, minority community advocacy organizations, and philanthropists. This is very big news.

Also, I think it would be appropriate to thank and encourage Public Justice. Here are email addresses for three key persons at Public Justice (the last is the organization’s executive director Arthur Bryant):,, If you know anyone, particularly younger persons such as teenagers who may have dental fluorosis teeth disfigurement, perhaps they may wish to contact the attorneys at

Daniel G. Stockin, MPH