Kaspersky lab have discovered a powerful spying software that is being installed directly in bios

Developers have denied accusations that their Computrace anti-theft software poses a remote wipe risk for the computers the program is designed to protect. However security researchers at Kaspersky Lab are standing by their warning that Absolute Software's Computrace anti-theft technology poses a hidden threat that might be abused by hackers and cyberspies to plant malware - or worse.
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Meet “badBIOS,” the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps. Three years ago, security consultant Dragos Ruiu was in his lab when he noticed something highly unusual: his MacBook Air, on which he had just installed a fresh copy of OS X, spontaneously updated the firmware that helps it boot. Stranger still, when Ruiu then tried to boot the machine off a CD ROM, it refused. He also found that the machine could delete data and undo configuration changes with no prompting. He didn't know it then, but that odd firmware update would become a high-stakes malware mystery that would consume most of his waking hours.
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