The Secret Government: Bill Moyers (1987)

‘This video is 27 years old, but the revelations it contains are more important now than ever, because now we can clearly see what did not happen then. This documentary, “The Secret Government ­ The Constitution in Crisis”, was broadcast nationwide and seen by millions. This was about treason inside the U.S. Government while it was taking place in Washington. This was “On T.V.” People who refuse to believe anything that’s not “On T.V.” now, cannot say that this was a conspiracy theory. This was revealed for the whole-world to see! The filth and scrambling for power throughout government and the country was as blatant as the figures of greed & raw power above.

‘What Bill Moyers explores is what happened to the would-be-powerful, who, like the scrambling figures above were supposedly doomed. However, after all the confessions, crimes, theft, deceit and treason committed during the Reagan years: Absolutely nothing was done to any of the major participants—because the public did NOT demand it! America was in stymied-shock. That “condition” is apparently still in place today, despite the fact that the crimes committed now are a thousand times worse than what happened in 1987.

No one responsible for any of what was testified to was ever charged. Despite the documentation and testimony, no one even went to jail! This was and is “BUSINESS”, and prosecutions would have sent the wrong signal to the Jewish-owned global-banking-cartels and the plotters of the treasons inside the USA. The UN and NATO had plans to steal America and kill the Americans, even then! Oh! And the prosecutions were terminated when Ronnie supposedly got Alzheimer’s and since elections were coming, no one wanted to own what was done. Congress, the courts and the White House were all guilty as hell, and these facts could not be acted on.”