Why is my Smart Meter Blinking?

Electrical "Smart Readers" on the side of the houses, when viewed in Night Vision, show infrared (IR) Blinking light being emitted. No one at the power company will give answers.

The reason they don't give answers is because that is one method used by unscrupulous individuals to "hack" the meter. The light blinks once for every watt-hour used, but it's also a way that you can use a laptop and an optical converter device to communicate with the smart meter. In the cases of the hackers tampering with them they use it to upload software that is readily available online to give false readings, hence a lower bill.

Sources: http://www.sdyoung.com/home/home-status/how-i-monitor-my-smart-meter/

The power company won't talk about it but it's a well-known hack to certain criminal elements out there, like clandestine growers for instance.