Why Did The New Zealand Police Knowingly Allow a Group of Gang-Rapists to Continue For Over 2 years Without Acting?

The whole country was shocked and horrified at the beginning of the week when it was revealed that a group of young men calling themselves the “RoastBusters” had been allegedly actively prowling the streets of Auckland hunting young woman to ply with alcohol and drugs so that they could then video themselves gang raping them and then boast and post about it on Facebook.
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It was revealed that the Police had been, in their own words “actively monitoring” the group, allowing the Facebook page of the group to stay online for years and stated “we could not make any arrests because none of the victims had come forward to make a complaint. We then learned that one of the alleged “RoastBuster” rapists was the son of an active sworn Police officer, and another was the son of actor and film star Anthony Ray Parker who starred in films such as The Matrix.

Now today, we find that in fact 4 woman/girls had come forward and made complaints to the Police, Of the four one girl had made her complaint formal via an evidential video interview. The girls were aged between 13 and 15.

It would be easy to assume that there has been a Police coverup of these crimes given that a family member of one of their own is involved, also remembering the case of Louise Nicholas (http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/16410) who was gang raped repeatedly from the age of 13 by Police officers, 2 of whom were in jail at the time of her court case for gang raping another woman, in her case the Police failed to act after she made official complaints and covered up the crimes for years, so the NZ Police certainly have form in matters like this.

It could also be said that the Police have lied to the public when they stated earlier in the week that “no official complaints have been laid” (Can we call bullshit?) now that we all know complaints had been laid, but I wont go there. So now we have the minister of Police Anne Tolley asking for an independent investigation into the police handling of the Roast Busters sex case, saying it has been "poorly handled". LOL! POORLY HANDLED? The people investigating this are the 'Independent Police Conduct Authority” how independent they actually are is debatable.

The whole sordid case is now looking and smelling extremely fishy. Something has gone horribly wrong here and this matter looks to be very far from over. So back to the question of Why Did The New Zealand Police Knowingly Allow a Group of Gang-Rapists to Continue For Over 2 years Without Acting? We may never get an answer to that. You will all have to come to your own conclusions on that. It will be extremely interesting to watch how this all plays out over the coming weeks and months. I doubt we have learned everything there is to learn about what has really been going on here YET.
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