Shadows of Liberty (2013) - shocking and important documentary about what the mainstream media isn't telling you.

COMMENTS FROM REDDIT.COM: varvar1n: looks like nobody actually watched this and instead came here to call it conspiracy bs. all it shows is a handful of well-documented cases where the mainstream media dropped the ball because of corporate or government intervention.

I can't believe there are people dismissing this as another conspiracy theory. It seem the definition of conspiracy changed somewhere down the road. Now everything that discredits the mainstream view is a conspiracy even when backed up with concrete evidence. Oh silly me, I forgot concrete evidence means shit today. Evidence, fact checks and credible sources belong to a forgotten past now. Today we have entertainment and in entertainment all these things are inconveniences.

Journalism is being buried by story telling. What kind of free media pays its bill with advertising money from the very targets of their investigative stories. Not a free one. I dare any of you, correction, I fucking doubledare you motherfuckers, to go and publish something that goes against the conveniently crafted reality that is being portrayed at the moment. The piece you wrote will never see ink or public space pixels. Ever. It won't even get past the editor. If you still call this free media, you are completely delusional.

The documentary raises very important questions about "free" media. How can you trust a "free" media that didn't dig into the source that claimed there are WMDs in Iraq? How can you trust a "free" media that waited days hoping the dust will settle before releasing any statements on the Snowden affair? How can you trust a "free" media that operates for profit at all when the biggest contributers are the ones that pay the checks?

I cannot help but shiver when looking at all these conspiracy comments dismissing this documentary. The internet is already under stack. The last bastion of free speech and thought is besieged by the same people who manufacture public consent. My last question is WHO IS ON PAYROLL to dismiss concrete evidence as conspiracy, to instill fear of authority, to dull discussions and to enfeeble resistance?

cabesadeborrego: Those who call this conspiracy only prove that the corporate media machine is working as planned.

holden1913: "The American public knows far more information about sex scandals, celebrities, Hollywood than they know about economics and the environment. That's by design. I think the people that own the media would be much happier if we were a nation of mindless consumers rather than a nation of informed active citizens."

-Truest quote of the entire film. And while this may not be a conspiracy that they're all working together to accomplish this, it is the reality of the situation in the United States. It's no wonder in my 4 month trip to Europe that most people I met there knew more about what's going on in the US than many Americans do- and that's a god damn fact.

snordfjord: This world is a dire one, and will become more so if nothing is done. I'm not an american, but it seems clear that all this misinformation and bile begins and ends in the States, and it has spread like a virus throughout other news outlets in the broader world.

I see no hope on the horizon.

"The People", of which the constitution so proudly wants to serve, are either too apathetic or scared to make any difference.

You can have all your revolutions around the world, but America sits, eats, and watches.

PS I'm not saying that this blatant corporate blind-siding does not happen in other places, I'm just saying that the mechanisms of it started in the US, and from there it's being fed.