Winston Peters Phone Records Seized?

To quote Winston from his latest Facebook status, "In the past 24 hours, we've learned that police files contain references to seizing my phone records during the police investigation of John Key's complaint about the 'teapot tape' recording. If it had been a matter of national security I would have given investigators any record they wanted but this was not national security, this was the National Party. At that time, I was a private citizen and nowhere near the cafe where this event took place."

The Tea Tape scandal was an incident involving the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and ACT Party candidate John Banks, during the New Zealand general election campaign in 2011. A journalist secretly recorded their conversation while they drank tea at a cafe. Later they were both shrieking about the invasion of their privacy, A TRULY MONUMENTAL CASE OF HYPOCRISY.

This current New Zealand Government is out of control. They are riding rough shod over our civil liberties and destroying them, re-writing laws for multinational corporations, selling our assets to foreigners, spying on journalists and political opponents and lying profusely to the public every time they have been caught breaking the law. I can hardly believe I am living in NZ at this time.

How did we let this happen? When are we going to rise up against these crooks and goons that have effectively hijacked our democracy? This current government is a total disgrace and something has to be done. They need to be removed urgently before they can do much more damage. The next general election can not come fast enough for New Zealand.