TV3 poll shows 98% want Medical Marijuana in New Zealand

Press Release: Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party: The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP) are calling on all New Zealanders who support medical marijuana to vote for the party in the 2014 General Elections.

"ALCP are the only political party dedicated to legalising and regulating medical marijuana in New Zealand," spokesman Steven Wilkinson said.

"The New Zealand Government will be foolish to ignore the post-prohibition paradigm for any longer when their actions are causing the unnecessary deaths of cancer patients. As soon as New Zealand follows the lead of the UK, Canada and 19 states in the US, the sooner medical marijuana can be used by terminally ill patients."

The Law Commission explicitly called for an immediate start to medical marijuana use in New Zealand, which could be achieved under existing regulations if given Ministerial approval.

"Any political parties which ignore the proven medicinal benefits of cannabis are putting the health of New Zealanders and the economy at risk and should not be supported on election day," Mr Wilkinson said.

"ALCP welcome the efforts of Cheryl Shuman and the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and are pleased that 98% of respondents to the 3rd Degree poll support medical marijuana being legalised and regulated in New Zealand as well."