ONLINE PETITION- I do NOT support Adam Kokesh's armed march in DC!

Whereas the 2nd Amendment recognizes the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and whereas the right to keep and bear arms need not be demonstrated, and whereas Adam Kokesh's planned armed march into Washington DC is an unnecessary and dangerous provocation that may be used to demonize guns and gun owners, the undersigned petitioners, while supporting the right to keep and bear arms, state their opposition to Adam Kokesh's planned armed march into Washington DC on July 4th, 2013.

Please sign and share this petition with your second Amendment supporting friends. Post to social media. Spread the word!

Kokesh's planned armed march into DC gives the government an opportunity to use agents provocateurs to cause an armed confrontation with the DC police and possibly the military, giving Obama the chance to declare a national emergency and suspend the Second Amendment for us all. Nobody is calling on Kokesh to cancel his march. He and his followers can and will do what they want to do, which will cause that confrontation.

My concern is that if Kokesh forces a confrontations (and the DC police are already saying they will meet the marchers at the DC city limits) and violence results (possibly caused by agents provocateurs infiltrated into the march), the US government will use that to claim all gun owners are violent and dangerous requiring emergency suspension of the Second Amendment and mandatory gun seizures.
The only way that we can undermine the potential government propaganda value of Kokesh's stunt is if a million gun-owners and Second Amendment supporters sign this petition to make it clear Adam Kokesh does not speak or act for the majority of American gun owners.