Elm guest house scandal: First victim of paedo guest house breaks his silence

The victim, now a family man, broke down in tears as he told the Sunday People of his nightmare at the Elm – and how his tormented brother killed himself a decade after leaving care. He said: “The people responsible have blood on their hands. I shouldn’t think my brother is the only one to have taken his life because of this.

“I’m speaking out now because I want justice done for me and for my brother.

“What went on was absolutely disgusting. When we told the staff at the care home what was happening at Elm they used to say ‘They are friends, they are good people’.

“No one was listening to us. It’s taken 30 years for anyone to listen.”

The former guest house in upmarket Barnes, south-west London, is now the centre of a major police probe into an alleged child sex abuse ring in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It is said to have involved senior politicians, showbiz celebrities and members of the royal household.
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