(NZ) Global Warming Bites: Temperature dips in 2012

The average temperature in New Zealand last year was just 12.5 degrees Celsius, despite December's unusually warm weather, according NIWA's annual climate summary. That was 0.1C below the 1971-2000 annual average after 2012 started cloudy and wet, and had a particularly cold patch mid-year. The summary, published today, shows Whakatane won the contest to be the sunniest place in the country, with 2602 sunshine hours, followed by Nelson with 2584 hours, and Tekapo with 2562 hours.

NIWA said cloudy and wet conditions in January and February meant the typical summertime swelter was absent. The weather analysts said 2012 would be remembered for extremely heavy snowfall on June 6 when afternoon temperatures in Canterbury, Blenheim, around Arthur's Pass, and on the West Coast set new low records for the month, and in some cases broke all-time records.
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