Australian Government, Media Caught In Censorship of Historical Archaeological Findings

Throughout 2012 Ryan and I (the founders of Wake Up World) have been working closely with a group of Australian colleagues to understand – and to help make public – the significance of a series of archaeological findings in bushlands of the Kariong/Gosford area on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. An area, I should add, that is under threat of being destroyed by large-scale residential development.

Findings in and around this site include early-indigenous and early-Egyptian hieroglyphs, 8-foot stone carvings, ancient jewellery, ochre caves, and remarkably, a recently-discovered series of underground tunnels and chambers which have yet to be explored in their entirety.

The validity of these findings has been confirmed by the local indigenous Elder ‘Aunty’ Bev Spiers, the keeper of lore for the local Darkinjung tribe, while the “hoax” theories relating to the site have been refuted in detail by David Fitzgerald, an indigenous man who previously worked as a sites officer for the National Parks & Wildlife Service.