Climate Change: Difference Between Propaganda and Reality

Politicians Haven't Listened ... Merkel Climate Advisor Blasts Global Inaction ... Politicians need to get their act together on climate change, says Chancellor Angela Merkel's leading climate advisor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber just days before the global warming conference in Qatar. The World Bank agrees, releasing a report on Monday highlighting the serious consequences that await should global temperatures continue rising unchecked. – Der Spiegel

Dominant Social Theme: Climate change is a terrible thing.

Free-Market Analysis: First it was called "global warming" and now "climate change." But no matter what it is called, it is still a power elite dominant social theme. The idea is that humans are responsible for a great upswelling of heat and humidity around the world.

The world may be getting warmer, or maybe not. But the meme rolls on. A subdominant theme is simply that humans are a curse upon the world and that their destructive tendencies must be controlled.